janis golf conditioning - Testimonials

Golf conditioning results

“Amazing! This program delivers on and off the course. After 8 weeks, I gained 15 yards off the tee, stamina to stay focused after #12, and lost the... read more

a second chance - Testimonials

A Second Chance

“After losing my leg to a 5 year battle with CRPS, I decided it was time to reinvent myself! I knew that if I was going to survive this disease... read more

emmi testimonial - Testimonials

Getting Back to What You Love

“Recovering from a stroke sustained during heart surgery, our 16-year-old daughter, Emmi, was in need of additional strength training to complement her physical therapy... read more

Martial Arts Knee Injury - Testimonials

Martial Arts Knee Injury

“Suspicious of how effective personal training could be for my investment, I researched a number of trainers, qualifications, and approaches to fitness before deciding... read more

Overcoming Cardiac Challenges - Testimonials

Overcoming Cardiac Challenges

“Over the past year, Dagmar at CORE Personal Training & Pilates Studio has been instrumental in helping me overcome both physical ailments and mental roadblocks... read more

pilates for osteoporosis testimonial - Testimonials

Pilates for Osteoporosis

“I originally came to CORE with post-rehab goals: stronger core to prevent future falls, pain reduction and increased range of motion. I had just finished… read more

kristen wedding prep fitness - Testimonials

Preparing for a Wedding

“Three months before my wedding I made the decision to hire Ruth as my personal trainer. My goal was to tone and lose 5-10 pounds before my big day.... read more

molette fitness - Testimonials

The real value of a healthy lifestyle

“Having you as my personal trainer for three years changed my life! At first, I hired you because I thought you could help me to…” read more

testimonial filler - Testimonials

Post-Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

“Before becoming a client at CORE I had suffered from tears in my calf muscle while trying to play tennis. A physical therapist referred… read more

linda fitness - Testimonials

Sport Specific

“I have been a competitive soccer player for 30 years and have worked with Ruth of CORE Personal Training & Pilates, Inc. as my... read more

testimonial filler - Testimonials


"I became acquainted with Ruth Gordon of CORE Personal Training & Pilates, when she came to work as a professional fitness... read more

Cathy core fitness - Testimonials

Eleven years of training

"I have been training with Ruth Gordon on and off for the past 11 years. I first began training with her at a gym... read more