“The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.”

~ T.K.V. Desikachar

Private Yoga Training

Personalized Yoga sessions can bring profound changes!  Private training offers you the opportunity to ask questions, try new things, or perfect movement. Instructors are able to provide highly individualized positioning and modifications, improving body awareness, posture and easy, graceful movement. 

Sessions are available a la carte or in multi-session packages, and the private rate range is based on weekly frequency and quantity of sessions purchased. Each session is individualized to meet your specific goals. To schedule private sessions, you must first schedule your consult so we can help you to get started on the right track.

Yoga Groups

CORE now offers several Yoga Small Groups throughout the week. We believe Yoga is for EVERYbody. If you have concerns about your ability to participate in a Yoga group, please speak with the instructor. Modifications are offered to encourage personal progress and honoring your individual body’s needs.

Yoga Small Groups are either Hybrid or Online. All groups are 50-minute sessions.

Open registration up to 4 hours prior to class start. Two-person minimum registration or class MAY be canceled.

Maximum enrollment:  6

Gentle Yoga Flow: Slower-paced flow style yoga class. Students flow through a series of gentle, fluid movements and sequences of standing & seated postures. Emphasis on linking breath to movement while relieving tension in the body, holding stretches, and moving mindfully. This group is a good fit for those who are new to yoga, need to destress, or prefer a slower, gentler practice.

Standing Yoga Flow:  Flow-style yoga group that moves through a series of fluid, energetic movements and sequences of standing poses. There is emphasis on linking breath to movement, while working to build strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. This is a good fit for those who are new to yoga, or who prefer a practice where they aren’t getting up & down on the floor throughout.

Yoga Fundamentals: All-levels yoga group focused on the fundamental principles of alignment and breathwork in a flow of postures linked together by the breath.

Stretch & Relax:  All-levels group that combines traditional yoga postures with other stretching and relaxation techniques to help your body recover.

Looking for a great way to track your progress as you train?

Ask your trainer about InBody Body Composition!