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Vibrate To Health

What Is Vibration Therapy? Vibration Therapy is a form of therapy that uses a whole-body vibration machine to enhance physical health and well-being.  It was first used in the Russian Space program to assist astronauts in increasing their muscle strength and enhancing...

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Tips For An Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Action Plan Part 2

An Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Action plan will help you decrease chronic inflammation, and prevent the development of chronic long-term disease.  Lifestyle and nutrition are the key factors in preventing the inflammatory process and decreasing chronic inflammation. ...

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Tips For An Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Action Plan Part 1

Inflammation is a very important part of the body’s natural immune response, intended to fight toxins, pathogens, and damaged cells.  In fact, acute inflammation helps to protect the body from harm. Where we get into trouble with inflammation is when we develop...

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Benefits Of A Personal Trainer

“I want to lose weight.”  “I need to get back in shape so I can keep up with my kids/grandkids.”  “I want to be more flexible.”  “I’m tired of my back hurting all the time.”   We all have our reasons for wanting to work out, and yet forcing yourself to make time for...

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6 Benefits of Pilates

Young, old.  Weak, strong.  Tall, short.  It doesn’t matter what your body is built like or how much you’ve worked out in the past, Pilates is for everyone.

Creating a Balanced Meal

Does this sound like a familiar scenerio: you decide that you want to start eating healthier and immediately your mind goes to boring food that the media has deemed healthy, and you start saying good-bye to all of the foods you...

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Are you enjoying the journey?

It is a New Year – time for New Year’s resolutions; New Year promises to do things different or to be more consistent with doing the activities that help us reach our goals.