I love the holidays. I look forward every year to spending time with friends and family. We all take a pause, take walks, do puzzles, chat and eat a lot of delicious food. Every January, I, like many others look forward to setting new year’s intentions. I know I’m not alone in wanting to achieve weight loss as part of my resolutions for 2023. There are so many products, apps, pills and other extreme weight loss methods available on the internet. While those methods may seem like a good, quick method at first, they are not sustainable. I like to approach weight loss with a novice mindset and look for a method that shows me how to lose weight for beginners. I started researching with searches like “is losing a pound a day healthy” and “how to lose two pounds a day” but decided I needed to consult an expert and not venture into extreme weight loss techniques. For me, I decided to reframe the “weight loss” resolution to be one of my many resolutions for a healthier life. 

I consulted my doctor to suggest the best weight loss treatment. At my doctor’s office, she weighed me and then the computer automatically calculated my BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI has long been held as the standard for measuring obesity. Doctors have frequently suggested ways of how to reduce your BMI, by consulting a nutritionist to propose a healthier diet, and exercising. It never seemed to make sense to me that my BMI was as high as it was, even when I was consistently eating healthy and exercising. As it turns out, BMI scanning has many limitations, one being that this measurement tool can not differentiate between muscle, water and fat in weight fluctuations. As a nurse, I have often questioned if there would be another method for getting the full picture of your body’s health. Well,now there is!

As we wave goodbye to 2022, let’s also wave goodbye to BMI! We can stop asking questions like “how can i lower my bmi ” and “how do I figure bmi” and get more specific and even scientific about our Body Composition. Body Composition measures how much of your body is made up of fat versus lean body mass.

So, in 2023 when we talk about a new year resolution for weight loss we will focus on increasing our lean body mass and/or decreasing our fat mass, thereby changing our body composition. You may be wondering how to measure body composition. Well, we have an answer for that too…step on the new piece of equipment that CORE Personal Training and Pilates has acquired: the InBody 770 Body Composition Analyzer. This machine will measure your weight, skeletal muscle mass (SMM) (muscle that can be grown and developed through exercise) and body fat mass (how much body fat you have on the surface and internally).

But it does so much more! You will find out if you are dehydrated or if you have inflammation in the body and see if your limbs are of equal skeletal muscle mass so you can really focus in on what is important to your workouts AND your rest and recovery.

With a 98.4% accuracy with the DEXA Body Composition Scan, the InBody 770 is able to accurately measure not only your body’s weight, water content and fats, but also look into a host of other fields, including the water inside and outside your cells and your body’s distribution of muscles and fats. You will be able to really focus on what is important to your workouts as well as your rest and recovery.

You will work together with an expert at CORE on new year weight loss resolution tips and enroll in a fitness and nutrition program to improve your health and wellness.

Sign up today for your InBody scan: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=25458&stype=41&sTG=1&prodId=2875

Submitted by Emily Watson

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