Warmer days have us dreaming of spring, and it’s just around the corner. That means golf season is just around the corner too. You may even have already started thinking about prepping your clubs and equipment. But what is the one piece of equipment that is essential to playing golf? Your body! Without it, you would not be able to swing the club, make those putts, or enjoy those birdies!

If you want to be in top form this season and avoid getting sidelined by injuries, it’s time to give your body some attention and conditioning.

The Super 7 Necessities For Golf (taken from:  Fitnessforgolf.com)
  1. Stability – We need Postural Stabilization, Trunk Stabilization, & Joint Stabilization to effectively maintain spine angle throughout the swing and to allow the forces to be transferred effectively from the legs to the upper body.
  2. Strength – We need strong back muscles so that we may endure the explosive movements in the swing. We also need a strong core to generate power. The strength of the core and the back will contribute to our balance and coordination.
  3. Suppleness – Without the flexibility of the trunk muscles, hamstrings, hips, and shoulders, we could not swing the club efficiently.
  4. Stamina – Keeping our heart and lungs strong is key to lasting 18 holes or more. Even if you use a cart, fatigue can set in and can affect your ability to focus.
  5. Spirit – Without the right attitude and mental focus, the ball cannot go where we want it to go. A little positive self-talk can go a long way on the golf course.
  6. Sequence – Set-up, Backswing, Transition, Downswing, Follow-thru:  Having proper body motion at each sequence ensures consistency in the swing and can help to improve your golf swing.
  7. Skill – Developing good swing mechanics is critical.

At CORE our Personal Trainers can work with you on a Golf Conditioning program designed to help you with the first 4 of the 7 factors necessary for your golf game. It is your physical capabilities that will determine your range of motion, level of consistency, and potential for injury. Our goal is to improve all of these and help you to be able to golf into your “golden years”. We will create a personalized program including strength training for golf, golf core exercises to help with proper golf posture, stretches to improve golf swing, golf hip rotation exercises, and exercises to address stamina. 

The Problem

While the twisting, leaning, and swinging mean that your body is getting a workout from golf, these repetitive movements also limit your body.  Overuse of these areas causes imbalances in muscle strength, which can result in a weakened core.  This in turn means you are more susceptible to injuries and more likely to tire out faster.

The Solution

This is where golf-specific Pilates and Functional training comes in.  In golf, as in Pilates and Functional training, your core (the center of your body) is essential.  Working on core strength helps with creating stability and maintaining posture in your golf swing.  Doing golf-specific conditioning can also help to improve hip rotation, increase range of motion in the shoulders, and evenly build up back muscles.  At the same time, you are gaining the flexibility that your hips, hamstrings, and core need.  The full-body workout not only helps to strengthen all your muscles but also works to strengthen your mind and spirit.  In addition, the mind-body awareness that comes from Pilates will transfer to your golf game.

The Results

Results from golf conditioning with CORE’s golf conditioning course can have numerous benefits.  Client Janis White says that she sees benefits on and off the course. “After 8 weeks (of golf conditioning at CORE), I gained 15 yards off the tee, stamina to stay focused after #12, and I lost the post-round aches and pains – all without swinging a club,” said White.  This is common among people who use Pilates and Functional training in the winter to prep for the golf season.  Added hip and torso flexibility means more power and distance.  While stamina is increased because there is less strain on the body. The increased focus, strength, mobility, and accuracy, make CORE’s golf conditioning a win for your body and your game. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation and get started with your personalized golf conditioning program. Your scorecard will thank you.  


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