Steele Banning

I came to CORE PT after completing six months of physical therapy due to a tragic accident I experienced in 2022.  I was unsure if anyone would be able to delicately help me get back to ‘me’. Instead of going to the gym myself, I wanted to make sure I did not cause a step backwards in my physical recovery.  I was assigned to Tasha and the first meeting we reviewed all of my issues.  She immediately came up with a plan.  The one most important question she asked me was “What is your short term goal?”  I wanted to be able to paddleboard.  

Tasha was and continues to be attentive to my condition and ensures me that all of the areas I want to strengthen are going to be stronger in the end.  She stays focused on my balance and core strength which I had lost during recovery. Tasha’s ability to listen and create ad-hoc different ways to accomplish the same goals is excellent.  Within the first few months, I gained 3.5 pounds of muscle and am able to paddleboard standing up.  Such a personal goal for me!

There are few people in this world that display such passion for their career and dedicate time to get to know their customers.  Tasha has been outstanding and has provided the opportunity for me to have a better physical life moving forward.

Thank you CORE PT for being involved in my recovery and showing me the next phase of my life will be physically active.