Dr. Carmen Flores, DSL October 2019

Six years ago I was struck by a vehicle and suffered severe injuries to my spinal cord that resulted in paralyzes, nerve damage, a dislocated knee, and muscle weakness and numbness. Over the years—and with the aid of some amazing physical therapists—my muscles strengthened and I learned to walk again. However, I realized that in order for me to continue to progress in my recovery, I would have to supplement my physical therapy with some type of exercise.

I am no stranger to exercise. Before the accident I was an avid runner, worked-out in the gym regularly, loved the stepper, and did Zumba and spinning at least twice weekly. But, I did not know how to go back to exercising with my new body. It was not until I heard about C.O.R.E. and met with Ruth that the possibility of working out again became real.

What I love about C.O.R.E. is that they met me where I was at. I signed up for personal training classes, and have not looked back since. The first few months I worked with Dagmar and another trainer at CORE. These two women tailored my workouts to strengthen my weak areas, and to develop the areas of my body that had atrophied after the accident. To tell you that I was scared is an understatement; but these amazing ladies reassured, challenged, and motivated me every step of the way. Little by little I began to see results. I went from only being able to exercise on the reformer to doing functional workouts, the rowing machine, and the treadmill. I am so much stronger now, and so confident and trusting of my body. I am doing things now that two years ago seemed improbable. I continue to improve, and every session brings with it new challenges. I have different trainers now and also work directly with Ruth. The support, motivation, and challenge that I experienced two years ago are still there. My training has become an integral part of my life, and I have come to think of my trainers as family.

If you are looking for trainers who are professional and well-trained, who will care for you, meet you where you are at, and challenge you to become a better version of yourself, then Ruth and Dagmar are the trainers for you. I promise that you will not be disappointed.