Pilates for Osteoporosis

I originally came to CORE with post-rehab goals: stronger core to prevent future falls, pain reduction and increased range of motion. I had just finished an extensive period of physical therapy intended to address osteoporosis and the ill effects of sitting at a computer for 30 years. I wasn’t 50 yet and understood my fitness wasn’t where it needed to be to be healthy.

I knew Dagmar Kolarska Riddick was the right choice for me when she was eager to expand her knowledge regarding Pilates practice for people with osteoporosis and how meticulous she is in making sure that I am always in neutral spine and never move in any way that is dangerous for me.

Even when I have physical setbacks (like broken toes!) she is quick to encourage and modify my program so that I can continue to progress. We’ve been training together for two years, working on both Pilates practice and functional skills. Today I’m moving at a level I would have believed impossible for me when I first walked in the door.

Thank you, Dagmar!