Paloma Borrayo

I decided to join CORE to make myself a priority again.  One would think that being able to work from home during the quarantine would make it easier to find time to workout and make time for myself. It was not the case for me! Having two virtual students at home turned me into a teacher’s assistant, short order cook, nurse, and IT specialist for my kiddos while working full time. 

After  a knee replacement surgery in December, I was weaker, and became more determined to restart my health and fitness routine.  A friend of mine, Carrie Supko recommended CORE, my husband gifted me training sessions with Ruth for Mothers Day, and I am HOOKED!

Ruth has not only helped me regain strength, make time daily for a workout, think about my food choices more carefully, but most importantly has reinstated the confidence that I CAN DO THIS. 

Results of re-assessment after one month
Measurements: Total inches lost – 4 1/2
Body Composition:
Bodyfat % dropped a total of 5.62%!!
Bodyfat weight dropped 10.39 lbs.
Lean bodyweight increased by 7 lb.