Preparing for a Wedding

Three months before my wedding I made the decision to hire Ruth as my personal trainer. My goal was to tone and lose 5-10 pounds before my big day. This was my first experience with a personal trainer and I was seeking direction and knowledge about making the most of my limited time at the gym. I was impressed with Ruth’s professionalism and initial consultation. She laid out a plan that included my diet and exercise regimen.

Ruth has extensive knowledge in every area of the body and what exercises target those trouble spots. She is creative in designing a work out that is specific to your needs. Her workout sessions are always different and challenging. Ruth does an excellent job explaining the exercise and will make the slight corrections necessary to enhance and ensure it is done properly. Ruth always presents to me our workout in writing at the end of our session. This makes it very easy for me to repeat the work out on my own. I feel Ruth is committed to working with me to achieve my fitness goal.

On my wedding day I felt amazing and looked toned and was energetic. I see more definition and it is encouraging. Working with Ruth on and off over the past 18 months has done more for my body than the years I spent in the gym on my own with no direction. I have continued to hire Ruth after the wedding because she is fun, personal, professional and by far, and most importantly, knowledgeable in personal fitness.

Kristin Witte