Overcoming Cardiac Challenges

Over the past year, Dagmar at CORE Personal Training & Pilates Studio has been instrumental in helping me overcome both physical ailments and mental roadblocks on the path to physical health. In one year I transitioned from an unhealthy cardiac patient with neck pains to someone who enjoys daily exercise of running, biking, hiking, functional training, and yoga!

I was so fortunate to have found such a knowledgeable and patient trainer. Dagmar made working out fun by filling each functional fitness session with new challenges, always keeping me engaged, both physically and mentally. In Pilates, Dagmar helped me find my “mind body” connection, both through private and small group pilates reformer sessions. I never understood the importance of understanding good form and technique in fitness until I trained with Dagmar, and I am so grateful for her instruction. I now feel confident about my form and strength when working out. I cannot possibly say enough wonderful things about Dagmar! 🙂

~ Karina G.