Beth Schomp November 2019

I started working out with a personal trainer at the age of 45. I knew I needed to do something to stay ahead of the aging process, but if left to my own devices, I would never get around to it. I’d always find an excuse. I knew I could start a program by myself, but I also knew I’d stop at some point when it got hard. I needed accountability. And honestly, I needed someone who knew what they were doing.

Fortunately, that personal trainer was Ruth Gordon of C.O.R.E. Personal Training and Pilates Studio.

Working out with Ruth became such an easy habit in my life. She listened to what my goals were and devised a plan to make those goals a reality. And as age would have it, when a ‘surgery’ would come up, or other physical (often age-related issue), Ruth was there to help me modify and stay in my program.

More importantly, Ruth became a life long friend. And now that I’ve moved away, when I go back to visit, I make sure I book a time to go work out with Ruth. She’s a habit I do not want to break!