Showing up to work is always easier if you know you have a few great coworkers that will be struggling through the day with you, ready with moral support and inspiration.  Working out at an exercise facility can be the same way when it comes to small group training sessions.  At CORE, our group training sizes have a maximum of 6 people.  Through our experiences with these sessions, we’ve found that these people become your built-in support network, cheering you on from start to finish.  Below we’ve highlighted all the ways in which small group training gives you the biggest bang for your buck.


Mixing up your routine keeps you from falling into habits that might prevent your body from changing in the way you want it to change.  With group sessions, you don’t need to think about this.  Your trainer knows when its time to mix things up.  They know when you’ve outgrown routines and when you’re ready to take on new challenges.


After training one on one with a personal trainer so they can help you set up guidelines geared towards your individual needs, small group training can be a great second step. For those that find personal training to be too costly for their budget, the small group training sessions can provide a similar level and range of benefits to personal training.  While you do get less one on one time in a group session, the instructor is still able to keep an eye on everyone, assisting you when it’s needed.  It also helps motivate you to get to show up and complete the workouts.  At the end of the day, you are not only accountable to the trainer, but also the group of people you are working out with. They are sharing this journey with you and you will disappoint them as much as yourself by not showing up.

Moral Support

The comradery that comes with working out in a group can be vital to your success rate.  Not only will it motivate you, knowing that other people are relying on you to be there, but it also keeps you energized during the workout.  You might not think you can accomplish an exercise, but your workout buddy is going to know that that isn’t true, and they’re going to help you finish.

Personal Attention

Your trainer may not be able to focus on you during every second of the class, but with only a few members to focus on, they will easily be able to see if you need help, form correction, or extra motivation.  At CORE, we work especially hard to focus on each member’s needs.  Our trainers know when to modify workouts due to challenges such as a wrist weakness or a back problem.  We’re able to do this because of the small number of participants in the group.

More Fun

The built in support network that these sessions provide are not only there to keep your morals up, you may find that your friendships extend beyond that.  You are going to laugh together as you push yourself through workouts and struggle to find moderation in healthy eating and living.  This is a journey that you are taking, and as they say, it’s the journey that matters as much as the destination.  And who doesn’t love a few good people around to share that journey with.

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