Precision. Focus. Power.  These are all things that make your golf game great.  While practice will help you get those things, taking a step back from the tee pad for a Pilates workout is a real game changer.  Experts like Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam have already latched onto this exercise and reaped the benefits.

The Problem

While the twisting, leaning, and swinging mean that your body is getting a workout from golf, these repetitive movements also limit your body.  Overuse of these areas cause an imbalance in muscle strength, resulting in a weakened core.  This in turn means you more susceptible to injuries and more likely to tire out faster.

The Solution

This is where Pilates comes in.  In both golf and Pilates, your core, the center of your body, is essential.  Working on core strength can improve hip rotation, increase range of motion in the shoulders, and evenly build up back muscles.  At the same time you are gaining the flexibility that your hips, hamstrings, and core need.  The full body workout not only helps to strengthen all of your muscles, but also works to strengthen your mind and spirit.  The mind-body awareness that comes from Pilates, will transfer to your golf game.

The Results

Results from golf conditioning Pilates classes, such as the one offered at our studio, can have numerous benefits.  Client Janis White says that she sees benefits on and off the course.

“After 8 weeks, I gained 15 yards off the tee, stamina to stay focused after #12, and I lost the post-round aches and pains – all without swinging a club,” Said White.

This is common of people who use Pilates in the winter to prep for the golf season.  Added hip and torso flexibility means more power and distance.  While stamina is increased because of there being less strain on the body.

The increased focus, strength, mobility and accuracy, make Pilates not just a win for your game but also for your body.  So, what are you waiting for?  Try CORE’s golf conditioning class in the winter, or one-on-one training throughout the year.  Your score card will thank you.

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