The new year brings a new beginning, filled with promise. On January 1st the gym will be filled with many people eager to get a jump start on their new years resolutions. Often, those same gyms gradually empty out over the coming days and weeks. It’s not easy to stay on top of your new years resolutions. Here’s how we recommend getting a head start on your goals to make sure you don’t burn out too fast.

Write it down
Before the new year even kicks off, get a journal started or simply list your goals on a scrap of paper and hang it on the fridge. Knowing the answer to questions like: How many times per week will you exercise? Or, what happens if you veer off plan for a couple of days? will help you stay focused.

Do your research
Research different healthy recipes that are easy and quick, to have ready for those busy days when it’s harder to stay on track. This is a good time to decide which diet plan or exercise regime that you want to use, which means you’ll want to read up on the guidelines of each approach. Pinterest is a great source for delicious but healthy recipes.  Or you can try these 10 healthy food blogs that make eating well extremely easy.  It’s also a good idea to research and test out different apps for tracking your progress.

Have Specific Goals
Having a time frame for your goals is vital. If you leave the dates and pounds a mystery, you’re more likely to fail because you have no end goal to aspire to. Set specific goals, such as shaving a minute off your mile time or losing 5 pounds in a month, to make your resolutions tangible and attainable.

Enlist Help
Whether you seek out a workout buddy or a personal trainer, having someone who knows your goal and wants to help get you there can make a huge difference. Not only does it help hold you more accountable to your workouts and eating habits, it’s also way more fun than going solo.

Prepare for Setbacks
You won’t always reach your goals on time. Some days will be easier than others, some days you won’t stay on track at all. Prepare for that and realize that it is not failure. No one is perfect. It’s okay to have set backs. It’s more impressive to get back on your feet and keep going.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present. See you at the studio!


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