Sorry for the delay in posting – last week was a travel week, and then this week was spent recovering from the travel. I hope my “journal” is helpful for those of you that are looking for ironman triathlon training tips. Knowing that travel is going to get in the way of your training is important – don’t imagine you are going to manage to fit in that 10 mile run on the same day you are flying across the country with your family.

That aside, the training has been good-not-great – I’ve not been back in the pool for two weeks, but I’ve managed to not miss two full days in a row without some sort of workout.  Mostly, in my attic on my bike (I’ve finished Band of Brothers; suggestions for another series that runs about an hour?) but also out on the run.  I’ve got the Austin ½ marathon coming up in three weeks, and I’m going to try to go a bit faster there than I did in Richmond in November.

The core work remains a challenge.  I’ve put it on the schedule, and managed to do a couple of sessions (which is certainly an improvement), but it is still the first thing that slips off the calendar.  I also missed two weeks of Boot Camp, which is killing me!

One thing that has been driving me to the bike instead of the pool is that I am on the Washington DC Tri Club (DCTC)’s winter team, and January is Bike Month – we are participating in the USAT’s National Club Championship, currently in 2nd place vs. San Diego.  Go figure, San Diego has an easier time getting the bike miles in than we do in DC.  ☺  February is Run month, so I’ll be probably focusing a bit more on that.  Still, getting to the pool at least 2x a week is really important if I want to do well in the water in October.  It seems like a long ways away, but swimming is all about technique, and that means a lot of focused repetition.  If this blizzard doesn’t sock us in, I’ll definitely be at the pool for Masters this week!

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