Eventually, we all take chronic pain for granted.  We expect it to be there and we don’t expect it to go away.  I’ve experienced pain in my feet for so long that I stopped questioning it.

It was at CORE’s open house a couple of months ago that I got to test out the MELT Method.  We tried a few techniques, one involved a soft body roller and the other a few small, differently sized balls designed for our feet.  Ruth instructed us to run these a certain way under our feet, balancing on our opposite leg.  The decrease in pain I felt after these exercises was astounding.  I could stand on one foot with half the amount of discomfort that I felt before.

Ruth then told us to lay on our backs.  She asked us how much of our shoulders were touching the ground and the collective answer was: not much.  After a few minutes with our backs on the body rollers, we returned to the floor to find that our shoulders laid perfectly against it.  Our backs had been realigned, Ruth explained.  My back felt amazing.  Truth be told, I had no idea it hadn’t been feeling good in the first place.

If you’re experiencing achy muscles or joint pain you’re probably suffering from inflammation.  The loss of joint function and joint stiffness caused by this condition can make normal, everyday activities difficult to perform.  Getting down low to those bottom cabinets in the kitchen, or even reaching for those top shelves, can seem like a real struggle.

Inflammation is the bodies natural attempt at self-protection.  It fights damaged cells caused by strenuous exercise or infection.  The process of inflammation thickens arteries and vessels, consequently making it harder for your heart to do it’s job.

One of the few ways to fight the pain caused by inflammation is through the MELT Method.  This method specifically fights to restore the supportive components of the body’s connective tissue and relieve the stress on the body caused by everyday repetitive movements.  Essentially, it helps the body repair itself.

While MELT classes are offered at CORE, you are also able to use it as a self treatment.  There is a MELT Hand and Foot Kit Bundle as well as the MELT Roller Bundle, which you can find on the MELT website.  Just as I experienced at CORE’s open house, you’ll feel relief immediately after the first session.  It quickly re-hydrates connective tissue and releases long held stress and tension.  You can even expect changes in flexibility and alignment.  The strong, flexible body that emerges after undergoing the MELT treatment will change your life.

For more information about how MELT can help improve your well-being, visit the website or ask one of CORE’s trainers.


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