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It is a New Year – time for New Year’s resolutions; New Year promises to do things different or to be more consistent with doing the activities that help us reach our goals.  Whether your resolution is to lose weight and get fit, or excel at your job, the question remains….are we so focused on reaching our goals; that final product of all our hard work, that we don’t take time to enjoy the process?  Are we present in every moment? Are we enjoying the journey?

One of my resolutions for the New Year is to get back to the level of fitness that I enjoyed several years ago before running my business along with all the personal “interruptions” took precedence over my life.   I want this for my own personal health benefit (getting my shoulder strong again for instance! CHECK out my video on Facebook by clicking here), but I am also concerned with being a good role model for my clients.  It has always been my philosophy that being a trainer requires us to practice what we preach!

So yesterday I took our Bootcamp class at CORE and as usual, Shara taught an awesome class!  It took me awhile to warm up this 53 year old body, but once I did, I was enjoying the way my muscles felt when pushing my legs through the Kettlebell squat (by the way – everyone else was flipping the heavy bag – so I did have to modify for my knees and back sake! – GO CORE clients!!).  I also loved the way my heart was beating fast as I jumped rope (I feel so alive when I start to get a little winded!), and when I was driving the medicine ball towards my feet, I loved the power that I could feel in my abdominals.  I tend to voice my enjoyment in ways that I hope the rest of the class appreciates – I have to occasionally give a little shout out to create the energy I need to get thru the movements.  All in all, I had to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the process of getting my butt back into the shape that I used to be in!



I would like to challenge each of you… you move forward towards your goals/resolutions, don’t forget to enjoy the process.  Now I know that not everyone enjoys exercise as much as I do!! BUT, maybe, just maybe, we can help you find ways that you can live in the moment and not watch the clock every second praying that your session is over soon.  Maybe we are already doing that, and if we are, hallelujah!!

Oprah Winfrey had a great quote that I just love….”It makes no difference how many peaks you reach if there was no pleasure in the climb”.  Let us help you find pleasure in the climb!!!

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