The real value of a healthy lifestyle

Dear Ruth: Having you as my personal trainer for three years changed my life! At first, I hired you because I thought you could help me to simply look good in my wedding dress. However, you taught me the real value of a healthy lifestyle. I followed your direction on diet and exercise to the letter. In just a few months my body, mind and spirit were all transformed into a much better looking and feeling package.

For the first time in my life I was comfortable in my skin. I had lost the extra weight and gained muscle, good health, glowing skin and a wonderful outlook on life. I wore a bikini with pride on my honeymoon. More importantly, my new healthy lifestyle will hopefully prevent heart disease and other hereditary health problems for which I am at risk as an African American woman.

Unfortunately, I’ve now moved too far away to personally train with you on a regular basis. I can’t believe how hard it’s been to find another trainer in my new community who can match the level of expertise, personal care and counsel you gave to me as a client. You are the best!

Thanks for all of your time and attention. I am your client and friend for life.

Molette Green