Sport Specific

I have been a competitive soccer player for 30 years and have worked with Ruth of CORE Personal Training & Pilates, Inc. as my trainer for the past four. Because of her extensive education, training and experience, she has been a terrific resource for me and has kept me playing through various physical challenges resulting from injury or overuse. Her knowledge and experience as a Pilates instructor is also invaluable since Pilates is a wonderful addition to my workout regimen.

As we’ve worked together over the years, Ruth has designed programs for me that allow me to play 2 to 3 games per week as well as prepare for and compete in 2 to 3 national tournaments each year. In July of 2009 I competed in The Veteran’s Cup, the annual national tournament of the United States Adult Soccer Association. It was held in Lancaster, MA and my team, NOVA WFC, won the gold medal in the women’s over-55 age bracket. We played five ninety-minute games over five days beating teams from Hawaii, Michigan, Texas and Massachusetts and even as the oldest player on the team, I was able to play at a high level without injury. Ruth was one of the first people I called immediately after we won the tournament. Her focus and planning to get me to where I needed to be for such a competition was what made the difference for me and I wanted to say “thank you” as I was wearing my medal!

As I age, I encounter situations unfamiliar to me with regard to my body’s changing needs and reaction to exercise. Ruth’s comprehensive knowledge and experience allow me to continue playing a game I love and that is extremely important to me.

Linda LaGarde