Kristy Trujillo

Kristy began her fitness journey at the age of 7 when she took her first dance class in her hometown of Carpinteria, California. According to her mom, as a child she was always mesmerized by dance, specifically ballet. At the age of 12 her passion for ballet grew as she made the decision to train more seriously at Gustafson Dance (school of State Street Ballet) in Santa Barbara, where she continued to study through high school, and then as she trained over two summers as a scholarship student at Boston Ballet School. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet Performance and a minor in Nutrition at the University of Utah, where she was first introduced to the Pilates method. Upon graduation she embarked on an 8-year career dancing professionally with the San Diego Ballet, where she continued to practice and learn more about Pilates.

During this time, she discovered Pilates to be an essential tool not only in injury recovery and prevention, but in general maintenance of the body as a whole; it involved a similar flow and movement style to ballet which she enjoyed, while also including a rehabilitative element that helped her to heal from the stress that dance training had put on her body over the years. She decided to make the transition from practicing Pilates to teaching it, and went on to earn her certification from Kore Pilates in La Jolla in 2008. She has continued to teach Pilates ever since, eventually opening her own studio in La Jolla (formerly Pacifica Pilates) which she owned and operated for over 7 years before getting married and moving with her husband to Virginia. In addition to teaching Pilates, Kristy worked as a stretch therapist for 2 years at Sea View Chiropractic in San Diego, where she was able to use her Pilates and dance background to help the patients gain flexibility as a vital part of their treatment program. 

Teaching Pilates has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience for Kristy. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and her passion for movement with her clients, as well as motivating them to push their limits and achieve their goals!

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