Shara Kantz

Shara practically grew up in gyms due to her mother who has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years.  Shara loves to dance and was an avid lacrosse player throughout her childhood and college career.  She had her heart set on being a “HOKIE” and studying aerospace engineering.  It was during a fall semester at Virginia Tech that Shara realized life had other plans for her. At 19 years old, she became very ill and began her journey towards getting her health back.

After spending a long period of time studying nutrition and consulting with doctors, Shara finally regained her health and felt more powerful and stronger than ever.  She discovered that in order to change herself physically, she had to start by bettering herself mentally.  Throughout all of the setbacks and moments of discouragement, she had to keep repeating to herself not to give up and the only way to improve began with HER attitude and HER actions.  This life changing moment is what sparked Shara’s passion for health and fitness.  She wanted to help others feel this same empowerment that one can accomplish ANYTHING with perseverance and most of all, trust and belief in oneself.

She began motivating others through group fitness classes, instructing formats such as kickboxing, yoga, pilates, bootcamp, and Bodypump.  She is also a certified Personal Trainer with A.C.E. and currently studying kinesiology.

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    All of the trainers at Core are amazing! Ruth is always the most friendly, professional and involved owner I know . I have attended several boot camp sessions in the past year and have enjoyed every one of them. Most of the boot camp sessions were preformed by Shara. Shara is very creative and inspiring, there is no boot camp that is exactly the same which keeps my interest. If you are looking for a small, more personal facility with experienced professionals I would highly recommend Core!

  2. Shara Kantz is an excellent personal trainer. She is the perfect combination of tough and encouraging. Shara works with the whole person — mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of her efforts, I am stronger and more flexible. She creates interesting and fun workouts that focus on all areas of your body through various strategies (functional, aerobic, balance, boot camp, rowing, Pilates, etc.). Shara’s work out results oriented!

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