Monica Carlier

Monica was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia and has lived in the United States since 2001.Monica’s fitness journey didn’t start until she had her first baby in 2007. “I never worried about my weight until I have kids” and the weight did not come off easily. It was then when she decided to give fitness and nutrition a chance.

Monica discovered a passion for fitness and loves to share that passion and knowledge.

She is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist, Mat Pilates certified , yoga, TRX, weight management certified among others.  She is also starting her training in Pilates Reformer with Balanced Body and is one of CORE’s newest interns for the equipment work.

Monica’s philosophies are “everyday, I get to do something I love and make an impact on people’s lives” and “Motivation come from within, no one can hand it to you, but no one can take it away either”.  She loves to eat fresh to nourish her body, mind and spirit. “Let food be your medicine”.

She enjoys many activities; especially anything she can do with her kids including rock climbing, rowing, Taekwondo, playing soccer or basketball (which she is really bad at). She loves to watch movies with the family and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends.  Monica is a very proud martial arts student and is pursuing her black belt at Tae kwon do.  A Tae kwon do quote She really likes:

 “be kind, but fierce.

 be gentle, but strong.

 be humble, but powerful.

 these are some of the traits of a true warrior”

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