Golf Conditioning

Golf ConditioningIf you have spent numerous hours working on sharpening your golf skills, but haven’t seen a decrease in your handicap in years, your answer may lay in your overall fitness conditioning.

C.O.R.E. Golf Conditioning is a performance conditioning program designed with your particular fitness needs in mind. We will integrate Functional training, Pilates training, Yoga, Cardiovascular training, Strength training and Flexibility training to bring you a complete performance program.

Most golfers avoid aerobic activities because of the misconception that playing golf requires flexibility more than anything else. However, endurance exercise is very important in regards to heart and lung health and may help to reduce fatigue during that last stretch of holes. Because of the complex movements involved in the golf swing, most golfers typically also avoid any strength training exercise in fear of reducing their mobility and club head speed. Research shows that muscle strength can positively impact power production and golf driving performance.

Classes held in our studio and also at local golf clubs are offered in a 4-8 week program and include a manual.

To see what others are saying about CORE Golf Conditioning Programs, see our testimonials.

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