By Shara Kantz Gluten is a complex form of protein found in wheat, rye, barley, and malt. For those of us with celiac disease, it destroys the villi that covers the surface area of our small intestines so that we cannot digest or absorb nutrients properly. This can result in a miriad of symptoms such […]

Successful Meal Planning

How to plan meals to maximize nutritional intake, cut down on food waste, and save time & money By: Michelle Logsdon Viggiano Two of the major components that influence health are exercise and diet. If you are a current client at CORE Personal Training & Pilates, there’s a good chance you’re already working on the […]

6 Tips for Successful Weight Loss – part three

This is the third installment in the three part series of tips for weight loss. 5. Eat every 4-6 hours Not huge meals every 4-6 hours, but smaller portions every 4 hours or so will help to keep the blood sugar on a more even level so that you don’t binge eat. Eat whole, unprocessed, […]

6 Tips for Successful Weight loss – part two

This is the second installment in the three part series of tips for weight loss. 3. Drink WATER!  Staying hydrated can help you avoid overeating since many of us confuse thirst for hunger. In addition, if you are drinking water, you are less likely to be drinking soda or any other caloric drink. In addition […]

6 Tips for Successful Weight loss

 Over the next 3 weeks, I will give you 6 tips for what I have found to be extremely helpful for my clients on their health and wellness path.  These tips are crucial to help you maintain a healthy weight, but will also help you with your general health. 1. GET TOXIC CHEMICALS OUT OF […]