5 Reasons Pilates Is A Good Workout For You

Young, old.  Weak, strong.  Tall, short.  It doesn’t matter what your body is built like or how much you’ve worked out in the past, Pilates is for everyone.  Here are five simple reasons that Pilates is the best workout for you. A Strong Core Pilates helps develop a center of the body, flattening the abdominals […]


By Shara Kantz Gluten is a complex form of protein found in wheat, rye, barley, and malt. For those of us with celiac disease, it destroys the villi that covers the surface area of our small intestines so that we cannot digest or absorb nutrients properly. This can result in a miriad of symptoms such […]

5 Benefits of a Personal Trainer

By Ruth Gordon Forcing yourself to make time for the gym can be a huge struggle.  Maintaining that motivation, from the second you decide to go to the gym to the moment you complete your workout, can be the most difficult part of working out.  With so much working against you, getting in a session […]

Successful Meal Planning

How to plan meals to maximize nutritional intake, cut down on food waste, and save time & money By: Michelle Logsdon Viggiano Two of the major components that influence health are exercise and diet. If you are a current client at CORE Personal Training & Pilates, there’s a good chance you’re already working on the […]

Journey to IM Tahoe Weeks 13-14

March is here, and I’ve taken the bike outside! I had a great 27-mile ride on Sunday the 15th, and on Thursday the 19th I got out for an hour despite the brisk weather. This is the start of my first big “Build phase” – 3 months where I go from the general-fitness training I […]

Journey to IM Tahoe Weeks 10 – 11 – 12

I travelled to Austin, Texas for Valentine’s weekend for two reasons – First, to do Cupid’s Undie Run – the fundraiser for the Children’s Tumor Foundation – and second, to do the Austin half-marathon. As a bonus, my coach Brian lives in Austin, and I was able to stay with him and get in some […]

Journey to IronMan Tahoe (!) Week 9

Plans change sometimes, and as you can see from the title of this post, I’ve had to make a pretty major change of plans. I was planning on registering for IM MD on February 1st – but when I went to the website to do so, I discovered that the race was Sold Out! This […]

Journey to Ironman MD – Week 8

This week: Not getting any younger, reminder edition It had been a pretty good week, all things considered – I had done some core workouts, I had been on the bike, and if I missed the swim on Monday, well, it was going to be icy/messy, and why take chances? Then, on Wednesday morning, going […]

Journey to Ironman MD – Weeks 6&7

Sorry for the delay in posting – last week was a travel week, and then this week was spent recovering from the travel. I hope my “journal” is helpful for those of you that are looking for ironman triathlon training tips. Knowing that travel is going to get in the way of your training is […]

Are you enjoying the journey?

It is a New Year – time for New Year’s resolutions; New Year promises to do things different or to be more consistent with doing the activities that help us reach our goals.  Whether your resolution is to lose weight and get fit, or excel at your job, the question remains….are we so focused on […]